Sunday, June 2, 2013


Sometimes, it feels like my balls are as big as this watermelon. 


  1. Hot caption, Bob!

    I really love muscled and hunky bois securely protected. I thought about a suitable Scenario for that: a picnic of the boi's Master with His friends, but leaving the boi at home. After having done his chores, the boi decided to surprise his Master. The boi would deliver an iced watermelon to them, naked except for his protector, for them to enjoy at a sweaty summer's day. The friends of his Master asked him out when he arrived with his gift, as they were curious about his protection and how their friend, the boi's Master, managed it, and demanded first-hand information from the hot and protected boi - as they might want to have their bottom but sometimes rebellious boifriends comparably attentive. They asked him how his balls felt while being securely protected all the time, as revealed earlier. And they asked how he copes with that. The boi answered most honestly: “my Master takes good care of me, if i was a good boi to Him, by regular fuckings and milkings, releasing the pressure from my boi-balls while remaining protected and extremely horny, totally focussed on my Master's pleasure thereby. If i was a bad boi to Him, i do not deserve such privilege. In such case, the almost unbearable ache from my swollen and almost overflowing boi-balls will serve as sweet reminder and efficient motivation to do better in the future, so Master is happy with me again, caring for me as i improved to be a good boi, which I long and exist for. So first of all, i am most eager to make my Master happy, as otherwise i do not deserve to be cared for, regardless how eager i may be for my Master’s cock in my boi-hole, or how bad the pain is inside my swollen boi-balls. All that counts is that i am just a good boi, for His pleasure. So i not only obey His orders, but also think of pleasurable surprises for Him on top. Just to follow His orders is too easy for being a good boi, as such any mindless robot could do, so i feared that i could become boring to my beloved Master instead of providing Him with joy, honor and pleasure, just as He deserves. i am so grateful to have Him being my loving and caring Master. So i seek every opportunity to show Him my gratitude for having chosen me as His boi – and i really hope that He acknowledges my appearance here, accepting the gift of this tasty and iced watermelon for all of your enjoyment.” The Master's friends were impressed and intrigued, and all of them decided to have their bottom boifriends likewisely protected in the future, while enjoying the iced watermelon. The boi's Master decided that His boi has done very well and was thus in for a treat, even as this boi was taken by surprise himself on that – he was already satisfied to know to have done well in providing his Master with honor by turning up with this gift and on top having had the chance to witness how great His Master is. In return for his surprise and service, providing his Master with greatest honor, the pressure of his boi-balls, which felt like watermelons at that time, would be released by getting fucked by first his Master and after that all of His friends at the picnic, as a dessert for all of them. So it was that more than one watermelon was consumed for joy at this occasion. And the shown obedient and good boi was so very happy that his surprise went well and he could give honor to his Master, while serving each of His friends the best way he could, for his Master's pleasure, pride and entertainment. The release of pressure on his boi-balls during the process was just a side-effect for him, as he remained absolutely horny while remaining protected all the time. The only thing he secretly hoped for, besides pleasuring his Master properly, was that in the future he might get some company by other good bois, formerly only bottom boifriends of his Master's friends, but being protected like him in the future, and maybe even finding friendship with them, and competing to surprise their Masters as well as their friends in the future.


  2. This is so hot. I want to be a good boi.

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