Sunday, February 17, 2013

Model Model

At first, he accepted a job to model chastity devices for young men.  He was reluctant, but he grew to like the feel, the tightness around his cock, the inability to get an erection.  Now, he never goes anywhere without his cock cage.


  1. Yes, that's how it goes: from reluctancy to addiction! And this hot boy shown here is just designed to be put into a protector! Good for him to discover it on his own - clever boy!

  2. This boy looks almost exactly like my roommate's older brother. He came over one time and saw my chastity lock after his brother told him how my best friend locked me up in one. he was instantly fascinated by my lock and after talking about it for a few weeks we went out and got him a lock for his dick too. he is now pushing through the adjustment phase like a trooper while his balls get stretched and his body adapts to the cage being in place 24/7 once he is fully adjusted I plan to give his keys to his girlfriend as a gift.
    He says my roommate, his younger brother is next to go into chastity, he just does not know it yet